May 07, 2023

Tories must rip aside the curtain and expose Wizards of Woke Keir Starmer and Ed Davey before next general election

IT’S a year away but the starting gun has been fired for the next general election.

On the face of it, this will be a brutal contest between Tory tax cuts and Labour's plan to rob the middle classes.

Yet as one shrewd observer crudely suggests: "It could all hang on a ‘woman's’ d*ck."

For all the smoke and fury over major policy issues, the final verdict might boil down to a single question: Who will stop woke and assert the basic facts of human life?

It is not just gender wars which exasperate voters who are asked to turn truth on its head.

They are angry at the way eco-loons, aided and abetted by police, are allowed to glue up city traffic, or animal welfare fanatics to invade our national sports.

Many feel affronted that their sense of decency and fair play is portrayed as "racist" or "fascist".

They are fed up with seeing billions squandered on grandiose green energy schemes while they watch their pennies and shiver at home in winter.

The Tories have a strong hand to play in these Woke Wars.

They only have to ask voters: Do you trust a Labour or Lib Dem leader who says women can have a penis?

Dithering Sir Keir Starmer thinks "99.9 per cent of women haven't got a penis" . . . which suggests 0.1 per cent, or 35,000 women in the UK, do.

Deluded Lib Dem Ed Davey even claims this biological nonsense is "quite clearly" true.

It must alarm voters of all parties to realise this mealy-mouthed duo might be soon running the country.

But in politics as in business, talking rubbish comes at a price. "Go Woke, Go Broke."

Once the tide turns, it can be savage and unforgiving.

Budweiser, the American blue collar workers’ favourite brewer, saw £13BILLION wiped off its market value after featuring trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney in one of its ads.

"This month I celebrated my day 365 of womanhood, and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever, a can with my face on it," said Dylan.

Bud is now having to give away its beer free to lure customers back.

Fashion and sportswear labels Calvin Klein, Nike and Adidas were hammered by customers for similar ads, including a fat, bearded man in a sports bikini.

The trans issue, brushed aside for years as a niche argument involving a tiny percentage of the population, is now the defining question for all political leaders.

It saw formidable SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon destroyed in a puff of smoke after her support for trans rights was scuppered by attempts to put a trans double rapist in a women's prison.

Alarm grew amid revelations that London's once respected Tavistock mental health clinic was offering hormone blockers to children as young as 14 after one face-to-face appointment.

The tide against free speech may have turned last week when screaming activists failed to stop openly gay professor Kathleen Stock addressing students at Oxford University.

Manufactured rage over race issues and the Just Stop Oil hypocrites have stoked their own backlash among ordinary citizens struggling to earn a living in the real universe.

For many voters, regardless of their political leanings, the world has gone stark, raving mad.

The Tories deserve some blame. These issues — socially divisive, not inclusive — have not come out of a clear blue sky.

They have been brewing through 13 years of Conservative rule, entrenched by leftie sympathisers who run the quangos, charities, broadcasters, school teachers and public sector Blob.

The Labour Party has kept its powder dry, revelling in Tory chaos and confusion.

Now, emboldened by a routine 14 per cent lead in the polls, Starmer is beginning to show a bit of leg. And it isn't pretty.

Plans to grab State spending from leafy suburbs and divert it to poor areas is just the sort of "levelling down" that led, for instance, to bog-standard comprehensive education.

As for the swathe of fancy taxes, earmarked for such worthy causes as the £28BILLION-a-year green growth agenda, we might as well build a pyramid of £50 notes and set fire to it.

Starmer and Davey are the Wizards of Woke. The Tories need to rip aside the curtain and expose them.